Psychotherapy Fees & Services

I understand that therapy is both an emotional and financial commitment. I work to provide affordable services for my clients and will work with you to find a cost that enables sustainability for our therapeutic work. While I currently do not accept insurance, I can provide receipts that can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement and would be happy to assist in that process.


Individual PsychoTherapy

We are all walking our personal paths. Often we find ourselves at crossroads, stuck points, and pain areas that become difficult to navigate. The individual therapy I provide is client-centered, with an emphasis on identifying areas of pain and stagnation and addressing them with openness and fearlessness. I work to enable my clients to feel empowered in making personal change and transformation despite the challenges that they face. I am trained to support you through anxiety issues, depression, substance abuse and addiction, and other forms of pain you may be experiencing.

60 minutes - $120

90 minutes - $150


Couples/Family Therapy

Perhaps there is nothing more challenging than being in intimate relationship. Whether it be familial or romantic relationships, the ups and downs can sometimes feel impossible to navigate. The family and couples therapy I provide first starts with slowing down the process, allowing both sides to feel seen and validated, and then working towards increase sense of skill with communication. With proper mediation, we can navigate trust issues, traumatic history, infidelity, sexual issues, and whatever else arises in our work.

75 minutes - $140


Psychedelic integration

Many of us have had powerful experiences that leave us in awe. I am committed to supporting individuals through the process of unpacking and integrating peak experiences that have left questions, feelings, and uncertainties that require further contemplation. The therapy I provide will be focused on allowing the wisdom and intelligence of such experiences to unfold and initiate insight and change. With proper support and space, such experiences can become pivotal in inspiring compassion and a deeper understanding of the world around us.

60 minutes - $120

90 minutes - $150