Psychedelic Psychotherapy


Psychedelic psychotherapy is a form of therapy in which legal psychedelic medicines are used in session to catalyze and support the therapeutic process. Psychedelic medicines often provide non-ordinary states of consciousness that enable new ways of accessing and approaching internal experiences. Whether to address specific concerns such as anxiety, depression or trauma, or simply to engage in the process of depth exploration and spiritual growth, psychedelic psychotherapy is an option that enables individuals to deepen their therapeutic work in a safe and supportive environment. For more information, contact me to schedule a free consult.

As a psychedelic therapist, I only work with legal medicines under the direction and guidance of medical professionals. All clients interested in psychedelic therapy will first be screened to ensure safety with this specific modality. Psychedelic therapy is not for everyone.


Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a modality that combines the support of psychotherapy with the medicinal and psychedelic benefits of ketamine. Ketamine serves as a catalyst to bring forward therapeutic content and non-ordinary states of consciousness, while the psychotherapist is present to support clients with deepening and integrating these experiences.

Ketamine is a safe, legal, and highly effective psychedelic medicine being researched as a treatment option for depression, PTSD, anxiety, and addiction. Ketamine is commonly used in hospitals worldwide and has gained traction within therapy for it’s ability to provide insight, spiritual experience, and direct relief from certain mental health symptoms.

As a KAP client, you will first need medical approval from my collaborating nurse or doctor before treatment. Ketamine is administered in session as a sublingual lozenge and sessions typically last 2-3 hours. I also co-facilitate group ketamine experiences. To learn more about this treatment, please contact me for a free 30-minute consultation.

Psychedelic integration

Many of us have had powerful psychedelic experiences that leave us in awe. I am committed to supporting individuals through the process of unpacking and integrating these experiences that have left questions, feelings, and uncertainties that require further contemplation. The therapy I provide will be focused on allowing the wisdom and intelligence of such experiences to unfold and initiate insight and change. With proper support and space, such experiences can become pivotal in inspiring compassion and a deeper understanding of the world around us.

I am interested in supporting individuals who are utilizing legal psychedelic medicines, as well as those who are experimenting with micro-dosing, plant medicine work, and other alternative forms of healing.