Psychotherapy - Supervision - Support


Psychedelic integration circle of boulder

Offered through Medicinal Mindfulness, this support group is intended to help explorers deepen their psychedelic medicine work by focusing on post-experience processing. This group is a safe space for individuals to deepen their integration through discussion, open process, and interpersonal reflection with like-minded individuals. Learn More


LPC/LAC Supervision group

Intended to support both licensed clinicians as well as those seeking licensure, this group meets weekly and provides space for case consultation, intervention support, and professional development. As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Addiction Counselor, I can provide documented supervision hours for both credentials. Groups are capped at 7 individuals. Check availability.


Psychotherapy groups

Psychotherapy groups are offered to clients who would like to deepen their therapeutic process through interpersonal reflection, feedback, and group support. I work from a mindfulness-based and psychodynamic lens that places priority on the here-and-now interactions occurring between members. Members can expect to receive support, healthy challenge, and heightened interpersonal awareness from being in group. Check availability.

To find out more about group openings and availability, please contact me through email.